Fear and Loathing in Athas

The Psionatrix
The Conclusion

The final battle between the Urikites under the control of Pharistes and Sarge’s company. The Psionatrix turns all the company against Sarge his only action is to activate the Water Hammer before he can be overwhelmed. The Resonance from the Water Hammer interacts with the Psionatrix causing both to explode in a wave of Psychic energy. Everyone except for Sarge and Pharistes is Knocked unconscious. Pharistes begins to rant that his life’s work is ruined but before he can take any vengeance out on anyone. Sarge drives the femur of Korgunard up under his chin and into his brain killing the Cerebral Mater of the Order.

The Fortress of Dasaraches

The renegade members of the Order have folded the dimensions to assault the fortress from within. Hopefully catching Pharistes forces unaware. Sarge and company have discovered that all the Psions in the area have been striped of their powers. Pharistes has more guards than Psions however as the group is ambushed by Halflings. Youlas tries to set fire to the woods the Halflings are hiding in and they run off.
Opening the main gate Sarge and Orm-ik use all their strength and Sarge has to wedge the gate with his marble idol, which gives the group time to get inside before the gate closes crushing Sarge’s idol. Sarge is shaken by this but there is no time to pause as they are attacked by Thuggar a dwarf fighter, Shalia a Psion and her two Obsidian Golems.
They defeat the guards and find Avergo, who has gone insane from the effect of the Psionatrix.
Thinking they have found the Psionatrix they launch an all out attack only to discover it is a trap. A defiler of Draj controlled by Pharistes created an illusion of the Psionatrix. The templars are defeated but the group are severely depleted. Reaching the entry to the tower the find another guardian, a female Mul with a powerful bow, holding the top of the stairwell.

The Silent Forest
Unexpected Allies

Finally arriving in the Valley of the Dragon Crown the company rescues two Psions, Mara of the Endless Sands and Shirdivan, from Barrach of the Order. Sarge beheads Barrach. Mara and Shirdivan are grateful. They are renegade members of the Order and had been sent to find Sarge and company.
The group are taken to the sanctuary of the other renegades, where they are invited to attend a council of war. The head of the Order, Pharistes, has begun the final stage and this is the last chance to overcome his insane plan.
Before the fortress of Dasaraches is a massive bridge, as Sarge and company reach half way they are attacked. A Water Drake controlled by Avergo. Most of the group are swept away by the drake’s water attack and almost drown.

Battle is Joined
Horde versus Horde

The Order have convinced the Thri-Kreen of the Hinterlands that an avangion has come to restore the lands. Sarge and company Travel to the Circle where they encounter a huge horde of Thri-kreen being lead by a Tohr-kreen named Chax-chik. The Urikites are also present and accuse the company of being deceitful. The following morning the Opposing thri-kreen force arrives and battle is joined the red-haired Psion attacks the group but is saved by the frenzied Thri-kreen before Sarge can finish her off. The Urikites flee and continue on towards the Dragon Crown mountains. Chax-chik and the avangion imposter battle with powerful psionics leaving Chax-chik dead and Bokum brain dead. Sarge beheads the imposter and help to hoonr Chax-chik’s sacrifice.
After the battle few Thri-kreen survived the slaughter. Klox-ik and about a dozen warrior from both sides have been shaken from their frenzy. They begin the solemn task of intering the dead within the Circle. Sarge and company rest for a time before heading out in pusuit of the Urikites.
The red-haired Psion attacks again and this time in an epic battle Sarge cleaves her in twain.
Entering the mountains the company is faced by five Braxats. The battle is vicious no quarter given or received. Trenbull is almost killed and the rest of the group seriously wounded, but they were victorious.

The Order Closes In

After finding the statue to the Great One Sarge and company are attacked by a member of the Order riding an athasian Roc. They find that the Psion has an impenetrable shield but the Roc does not. The Psion realises to late that the group are killing the Roc and begins to fly off. Taylor the Swift sends an arrow through the skull of the beast and it plummets. The Psion isn’t found.
The Tohr-kreen tells them to travel north to the Circle where they have their main encampment.

The Hinterlands
The Tohr-kreen

Sarge and company encounter a elven herdsman, Orm-ik, whose family had been massacred by Thri-kreen at the abandoned encampment of Urikite templars. Sarge discovers that Hamanu is planning on recovering the Psionatrix rather than destroying it.
A sandstorm approaches from the south west and Orm-ik leads them to shelter. unfortunately a band of Thri-kreen are also sheltering here lead by a Tohr-kreen wearing a blue crystal similar to the one Sarge wears. The Tohr-kreen, Klox-ik, is looking for warriors to fight against the Order. The Thri-kreen go into a frenzy and begin attacking everyone including themselves. Youlas fires a lightning bolt which causes the floor to collapse sending Sarge and Klox-ik down into a cavern below. It is the lair of a massive Kluzd which attacks. After a colossal battle Sarge delivers the killing blow and severs its head.
After the sandstorm abates Sarge’s company and new tenuous allies are discovered by a member of the Order…

Pack Frenzy
Across the Hinterlands

Sarge and his followers set out across the Forest Ridge after being resupplied at Basha’s Kraal. Basha sends a dozen scouts to make sure the group traverse the forest safely. Coming down from the Ringing Mountains into the hinterlands beyond Sarge realizes that this area is very similar to the Tablelands – a desert. Basha’s scouts bid Sarge farewell and vanish back into the forest. Staring of to the north-west Sarge can see the dark silhouette of the Dragon’s Crown. So close yet still so far away.

The Uncomfortable Closeness of Trees
The Burden of Honor

Sarge still reeling from the death of Ulreg and Morguhn’s sacrifice on the island of Morghaz. He now has to come to terms with the death of Korgunard at the hands of the Order. Realizing that he alone with his rag-tag group of followers must put an end to the Order and their diabolical plot.

“The sky has been overcast today. The sun never appeared to burn the morning mist from the rifts and channels of the valley. An unusual stillness settles like a fog on the valley. You realize that you have become so accustomed to the constant ticking and hum of the Forest that you only notice it now in its absence. The wind picks up and the conifers pitch lazily. The sky darkens almost imperceptibly and then, like grain spilling from a merchant’s broken crate, the sky opens and water falls.

You have never seen anything quite like this. A shower of rain cascades from the diffuse grayness above and spatters all around. As the rain soaks the ground, it saturates the colors of the valley and makes them vibrant. The water washes sweat from your forehead and stings your eyes. It is as if the whole Forest is stricken with grief and sheds tears at Korgunard’s passing. There is something purifying about the water as you watch tiny streams course through the lines etched in your weary hands."


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