Fear and Loathing in Athas

The Uncomfortable Closeness of Trees

The Burden of Honor

Sarge still reeling from the death of Ulreg and Morguhn’s sacrifice on the island of Morghaz. He now has to come to terms with the death of Korgunard at the hands of the Order. Realizing that he alone with his rag-tag group of followers must put an end to the Order and their diabolical plot.

“The sky has been overcast today. The sun never appeared to burn the morning mist from the rifts and channels of the valley. An unusual stillness settles like a fog on the valley. You realize that you have become so accustomed to the constant ticking and hum of the Forest that you only notice it now in its absence. The wind picks up and the conifers pitch lazily. The sky darkens almost imperceptibly and then, like grain spilling from a merchant’s broken crate, the sky opens and water falls.

You have never seen anything quite like this. A shower of rain cascades from the diffuse grayness above and spatters all around. As the rain soaks the ground, it saturates the colors of the valley and makes them vibrant. The water washes sweat from your forehead and stings your eyes. It is as if the whole Forest is stricken with grief and sheds tears at Korgunard’s passing. There is something purifying about the water as you watch tiny streams course through the lines etched in your weary hands."


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